Slow Living Byron Retreat by Local Milk

In April Jessie from Happy Glamper packed a trailer and drove all the way from the Mornington Peninsula to Byron Bay. The allure of collaborating with the likes of Beth Kirby, Luisa BrimbleRebekka Seale, Aaron Teece and Lean Timms on the Slow Living Byron Retreat was strong, making the travel miles easy!

Slow Living Byron 1

A small bell tent oasis was created on the grounds of Avalon Lea amidst lush tropical fronds and green hills. The interiors were customised at Beth Kirby’s direction, using soft neutrals and green accents inspired by the surroundings.

For four days magic was created, visually and culinarily! Delve into first-hand accounts through the following posts:

For in-the-moment photos search for #SlowLivingByron on Instagram!

Slow Living Happy Glamper bell tent

Photos above: Rebekka Seale

Slow Living glamping, Happy Glamper

Slow Living Byron 4

Slow Living Byron 5

Slow Living Byron 6

Above photos: Lean & Meadow