Happy Glamper has been featured in the October 2015 issue of PrimoLife in WA!

Trish Gallager from Ink and Cleaver wrote:

When I was a young girl, my mother took me to the cinema to see the movie ‘Out of Africa’ with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. One scene from the film that is etched in my memory is Mr Redford standing by a bubbling rivulet washing Ms Streep’s hair from an enormous jug and a fancy bucket. Not being a particular romantic child or adult for that matter, it was one of those moments I was determined to recreate when I was older; I would find myself a handsome beau who would take me camping and wash my hair the exact same way. Years later, I found myself stuck in a two man tent with three mates on one of the wettest weekends on NSW’s record. My hair was short and I bickered with my boyfriend for two days straight, so much so that no dreamy-eyed hair washing came to pass. Cinema had lied to me.

Primo Life Magazine

Fast forward to 2015, that particular beau found a long haired beauty many years ago and I find myself giving camping another chance – albeit alone.  I’d set off to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula for a different sort of outdoor adventure; a melange of hotel comfort to the soundtrack of crickets and gentle waves and an experience that has appealed to me since I first laid eyes on Meryl’s pith helmet – glamping.

Jessie and Scott started their luxury camping business ‘Happy Glamper’ two short years ago, providing high-end  alfresco accommodation for those of us who want to stylishly immerse ourselves in the great outdoors. Gorgeous Bell and Lotus Belle tents are erected along the coast and bay lines of the Peninsula at the camper’s ground of choosing. On arrival, just a 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD, your tent is ready complete with fairy lights, cosy bed linen, vintage board games and books – all the creature comforts of a hotel room (sans bathroom. Note: all available grounds have onsite bathrooms). In fact, if you have chosen a powered site, you can even bring your hair straighteners. Unlike my knee-bound, two-man tent experience of years ago, the Lotus Belle tents are extremely roomy, many cats could be safely swung around in the confines of these canvas walls.

I’d chosen Capel Sound for my adventure, a quiet bayside camping ground and on request, Jessie had made sure my site had cooking equipment. Even though Capel Sound is extremely close to the township of Rosebud and all the amenities that come with a seaside nook, I was determined to fend for myself. After all, Robert Redford was to land his light Cessna next to my site any minute and I did not want to be chowing down a Tropicana pizza and Fanta when he arrived.

My site was nestled between ‘Peggy Sue’ – Happy Glamper’s pride of fleet, a 1966 fully restored silver bullet Airstream, shaded by yellow and white awning and a few pink flamingos for good measure. Peggy Sue was to be occupied by a young couple in skinny jeans and a boules suitcase permanently attached to their side for this weekend. To my right I had a calming view of gum trees and the bay water and, if you squint, the miniscule outline of the city on the horizon.

PrimoLife Magazine

By my third glass of Shiraz and my paella gently bubbling away, Jessie arrived to drop off some extra goodies and we got chatting. The Happy Glamper team have been a welcomed presence on the Mornington Peninsula for two years and business is booming, particularly in the warmer months. From Hens weekends to milestone birthdays, the Lotus Belle and Bell tents make for stunning locations to enjoy momentous occasions. Conversely, there needn’t be an occasion at all; especially for those looking to have a romantic weekend away, a beautiful backdrop for time with friends or a chance to get the kids away from their devices and their toes in the sand. In fact, it’s perfect for those solo travellers for Robert Redford.

In 2015, Jessie and Scott have introduced the ‘The Slow Camp’ – a series of creative weekend gatherings to take stock and, as the name suggests, slow down. Campers get plenty of free time but also come together for group activities; yoga, painting/colouring, expert-led discussions around nutrition and life skills, and all in the shadow of the magnificent folks from Franklin Coffee – this is Melbourne, after all – even when camping, we need our Barista coffee.

In addition to the Bell and Lotus Belle Tents, and Peggy Sue, ‘Miss Myrtle’ is also available, a 1955 fully restored traditional caravan. With caravan kitchen, fridge, deck chairs and linen supplied – all you need to bring are the marshmallows.

In this Victoria’s winter, the Happy Glamper team migrated north to Byron Bay to provide glamping experiences for one-month (and explore the possibility of expanding to other regions) and any sun chaser knows that this part of the planet is just the tonic in the midst of a cold dark winter.

When I woke on in the morning from my toasty slumber and took five small steps to the sand, I could have been a million miles away – the serenity of the Peninsula is a sight to behold; a family walked their horses on the beach, sea birds flocked out over a school of fish and early morning Yachts sailed by. Robert Redford never did show up, but that’s ok. He wouldn’t have had my brand of shampoo anyway.

Two nights in a Bell Tent will set you back $300 for two nights, two people, with additional people at $45. Extras are also available – like a fridge! All of the work in creating, styling and packing down the campsite is taken care of for you.

Peggy Sue sleeps up to four people at a rate of $480 for two nights, two people.

The Happy Glamper team are extremely accommodating and can look after just about any request. Just ask.