Happy Glamper is just four months old and we are in the midst of our first camping season. We have booked some large, wonderfully exciting events in 2014 and had such a wonderful reaction from the general public! We have so much to be thankful for.

To make the start to 2014 even more exciting we were interviewed by the ever lovely Emma Clapham from Who Loves That, a lifestyle destination website for all Aussies. Check out the full interview, along with loads of photos, right here or scroll down to read:

Airstream glamping, Happy Glamper

Who Loves That interview

1. Hi Jessie and Scott, tell us how Happy Glamper was born?

Well, it was a reaction to the market, really! We set up our main business ‘Airstream Dreams’ in 2012 to hire out the two vintage Airstreams we imported from USA for events and promotions. We were consistently getting enquiries about hiring for accommodation so in October 2013 I (Jessie) launched ‘Happy Glamper’ to offer our Airstreams for glamping to fill in the dates between events. Two Airstreams can only go so far though so when I came across the popularity of bell tents in the UK I saw a niche in the Australian market. I introduced bell tents in October 2013 and have been growing the fleet as larger enquiries have come in.

2. And what is glamping?

Though I love going on road trips and exploring the Great Outdoors I don’t personally like to rough it. And there’s a huge demographic just like me! Glamping (derived from ‘glamorous camping’) is a growing worldwide trend that combines camping with the luxury and amenities of home. Outdoor enthusiasts can experience nature and home-on-the-road without the hassle of finding camp space, setting up and suffering in cramped sleeping bags!

3. Do you have a favourite tent or location?

We definitely have a favourite location – the Whitecliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore. It stretches for 6kms along the southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula. The two campgrounds feature stunning premium sites that allow our glampers to fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to views of Port Phillip Bay. It’s a seriously short walk to shallow azure waters, historic beach boxes and a beautiful lookout.

4. We love that you do absolutely everything from setting up the tents and helping with the location, this must be very fun to constantly be styling and creating a wonderland for your clients?

It’s one of the best things about the business! I love the idea of our guests squealing with delight and then relaxing amongst lovely furnishings and quaint details. We have a small bunch of talented friends that we like to feature in our glamping packages and I’m constantly expanding the various looks for our tents and Airstreams. The tent pitching, styling, bed-making and packing down is a lot of work though!!

5. What is your biggest fist pump moment so far?

Our biggest moments so far would be securing the Do Lectures event at the end of April 2014 and getting one of our tents onto the front cover of Country Style Magazine’s January issue!

6. What’s been the most challenging thing since starting?

Definitely juggling our two little children whilst running the businesses. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful husband who has flexible work hours (he runs his own cost-estimating business) and some beautiful family (shout out to Rex, Verna, Trisha and Victoria!!!) who are always there when we need them. Though it’s tough at times we have been self-employed since 2006 and we’re familiar with the issues of running a business (or three in our case!) with children in the mix.

7. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Happy Glamper will have expanded across Australia and our hire fleet will grow to include more Airstreams, other vintage caravans and hundreds of bell tents.

Bell tent, Happy Glamper