Do Lectures Australia 2015

In March 2015 we packed up 27 bell tents and our Airstream ‘Peggy Sue’ and hit the road for Do Lectures Australia 2015. Having experienced the rapture of the inaugural one just 11 months prior, we knew we were in for a special week!

After a day of travelling over mountains and navigating narrow roads with steep drops we spent the next two days pitching and styling, creating bell tent villages at three different locations: Big River Campground in Shannonvale, Payne’s Hut in Glen Valley and at Glen Wills Retreat in Glen Willis.

Do Lectures Aus 2015, Happy Glamper 1

During our week away we forged friendships toasting port-dipped marshmallows over a campfire.

The fire in our bellies was re-stoked by the Do Lectures speakers as they spoke of how they have narrowed the gap between their two life films.

We were spoilt with the Payne’s Hut hospitality, catering by Brooke Payne and coffee from Market Lane’s Jenny.

And we hugged and hugged again all of the wonderful Do Crew staff and came home eight days later with more ideas than ever before.

Do Lectures Aus 2015, Happy Glamper 3

The vibe…

Nick Jaffe, one of last year’s speakers, attended as a volunteer this year and has collated his thoughts and photos here.

Imagine sitting under the stars, having dinner with a woman about to depart for an Everest summit attempt, or a man who overcame all odds to recover from alcoholism, quite literally digging himself out of a sewer to become published byPenguin and gain his PHD. Or perhaps over quail you’ll sit next to a millionaire, a humanitarian or a woman dedicated to teaching kids how to code. – Nick Jaffe

Below are a few stunning photos by Do Lectures Australia photographer, Mark LoboClick here to see it all through his eyes.

1503 Do Lectures 2015 - lit DO in front of Tipikata



Filmmaker Nadia Astari produced a wonderful short video of Do Lectures Australia 2015 below:

The talks…

A huge part of Do Lectures is sharing and inspiring! All of the speeches have been filmed and are released via the Do Lectures web site. Click here to browse through them all and be inspired!