Broadsheet NEXT Guide: Camping, But Not As You Know It

By January 12, 2016Event Hire, Media

The Broadsheet NEXT Guide recently published an article entitled “Camping, But Not As You Know It” by Imogen Eveson. Happy Glamper popped up in the feature, along with some other great Australian glamping services. Take a look!


Image: Elle DS Photography


Camping is synonymous with heavy packs, damp sleeping bags and baked beans over an open fire. Or at least, it was.

Across the Australian countryside, clusters of bell tents are popping up with all the trimmings of a boutique hotel. With ceilings high enough to allow you to stand, these tents come fully furnished with luxury bedding, rugs and cushions, seating and bedside tables. There’s often even a front-door mat.

Luxury camping is now commonplace at music festivals across the country, and is on the rise as an accommodation option for weddings, corporate functions and as a recreational activity in its own right.